Connie is able to accommodate and provide services to my clients that other facilities or programs cannot or will not. She is able to work around my client's schedules to make her services available.

Sioux Falls, SD Attorney

Connie is a very successful practitioner in the mental health field. She provides caring, compassionate support to those dealing with life's circumstances.

Professor at South Dakota State University

Connie is a great therapist who has the unique ability to truly do mental health and addictions counseling. These two areas often co-mingle and it can make therapy and recovery much more complicated, but excels with this. She can also see kids and was actively involved with a great children’s program during her internship - another skill that makes her unique.

Director of Psychological Health at SD Air National Guard

"Connie Fritz-Phillips is an excellent licensed professional counselor who is a unique blend of competence and character.  Her services are exceptional and I would highly recommend her to those suffering from adversity that life too often brings.  You can trust Connie to provide confidential services that will increase the likelihood that you will move towards fullness of life."

Tenured Professor & Licensed Psychologist